Humble Beginnings

About Studio XJ

We have come a long way since our inception in 2010 and we continue to explore new ways to deliver the best results for our clients.

Xiaowen and Johna started their friendship back in a photography studio in 2010.

Both of them started out as photo assistants prior to that. During their respective time spend in the studio, both of them shot for numerous ad agencies and clients. It was also during this time, Xiaowen and Johna started a friendship till today. As both of them slowly craved out their career in respective niches, they had the opportunity to work together for various projects.

And before you knew it, they decided to start their partnership together and started XJ Studio.

Our Values

Over the years, we have come to rely on these core values which have served us remarkably well and which are largely responsible for our reputation in the industry.


One of our unmistakable calling cards over the years has always been the diligence we shown on all our projects. We pride ourselves on doing our job efficiently and we do this by taking care of little details.


Our dedication extends to every aspect of the production process, we constantly strive to always give our clients the best possible product. This also means we sometimes spend our weekends back at the studio testing a new lens or running images through a new filter.


To us, integrity means being transparent and honest with our clients and it is one of our core values at Studio XJ. This has in turn resulted in many of our clients putting their trust in us and giving us repeat opportunities for collaboration. Something which we value and are deeply grateful for.

Team XJ



Creative Director

Fashion photography is probably the only style of photography Xiaowen has not dabbled in, an anomaly which he attributed to his lack of fashion sense.

He is driven by his passion to express himself visually and this commitment to capture every beautiful moment runs deep in his blood, even during his daily commute.




Johna is constantly exploring new ways to express and develop his visual ideas.

On days when he is not on shoots or at meetings, he enjoys riding his bike to discover new places to inspire his creativity.

Every now and then, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets are also pleasant surprises.

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