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You are excited about your event and want to show it to the world? Or are you looking to sell your product through live streaming? Live streaming is gaining widespread application all over the world, especially in Asia, where 5G technology is beginning to be adopted. If you are looking for live stream services in Singapore, do not hesitate to contact us and let’s get you ready to go live!

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Why Live Stream?

As a result of the recent COVID 19 outbreak, and the resulting lockdown regulations, there’s a need now, more than ever for the use of live-streams to interact with customers and target audience. Since people can’t go out to meetings, church services, seminars or conferences, there’s a need for an alternative that allows them to be able to hold the discussion they would have had if there was no lockdown. What better alternative than live-streaming? With live-streaming, people can attend your classes, seminars, or broadcast remotely, right from the comfort of their homes. Since everyone can interact with each other and contribute, it adds more of a personal touch than conversing through emails.

Benefits of Live Streaming.

The benefits of live streaming apply to more than just having fun, making friends and relieving stress. Many Businesses and digital marketing experts are making use of the wonderful avenue to reach more customers and get more leads. Video live streaming services can be impactful and effective in a wide variety of events and context. This includes products and services promotions, online classes, live announcements, reality shows, and church services. A lot of companies also make use of live broadcasts to maximize direct communication with staffs, customers and partners. Whether being used by individuals for fun purposes or by corporate for business purposes, live streaming provides ample opportunity to reach and interact with a broader audience.

Reaches a Larger Audience.

When using live-streaming as a marketing tool, you’ll be casting a wider net for leads and deals as you conduct a live session.
No one can dispute the effectiveness of email marketing for getting leads, but it only gets you as far as the people that are already on your list. Live-streaming however, can draw leads that were not even parts of your target list.

Our Easy Process & Workflow.

If you are currently a business owner or an organisation whom is unsure about setting up a live stream to reach your audience, here is our step process.

Live streaming is a powerful tool for your marketing endeavours; it serves as an advanced form of video marketing by providing immediate, interactive real-time content to users. With the world in a state of lockdown and restrictions on human movement, what better way to interact with consumers, fans and friends than through live streaming?
Create Beautiful Set
Discuss with us your project. We provide you with a nice set as a backdrop.
4K Camera Quality
We provide 4K multi Camera setups for your big event.
Better Audio Quality
Better quality audio provides you with better engagement with your audience.

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